A new mum, trying to keep track of her fast growing baby by blogging

Why the name?
The name is Iggy’s Loft. Iggy is my son’s nickname. So do I really called him Iggy? No no no, I called him by many names .. hahaha .. I called him, Ignatius, Yu Xuan (his Chinese’s name), and a lot of others nickname, ie. Xiao Xuan, Xuan Xuan, BB, Xiao BB … Iggy or Ig are just names I use when I’m write, for the sake of conveniences .. 😀

Loft.  I’m hoping that blog will eventually become a place where I kept all my precious belongings/experiences.  When enough time passed, when I looked back, I can still find my long forgotten and still very much cherished experiences.



  1. Hi Pauline,
    Erm let me guess…Since you were attracted to my blog url…
    It means you are from Borneo too? Hehe

    Oh yeah, i saw Jenny posting comment here so you are SAHM sister?Am i right?

    Thanks 4 dropping by..

    • Hi Claire,

      I’m from Sibu, but currently reside in KL. 😀
      Nope, I’m not SAHM. I’m a full time working mum.

      Thanks to you too, for dropping by 😀

  2. Hi Pauline,

    You from sibu? Which area?

    Sorry wrong guesses…
    Iggy is so cute and lovable…

    • Thanks Claire!

      Are you familiar with Sibu? I thought you’re from Kuching, as I remember you mentioned Kuching in your blog.
      I’m from Sibu town area. Old Oya Road to be exact 🙂

  3. Hi Pauline. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. You have an adorable son. And I love the nickname Iggy. Do visit often. Thanks 😀

    • Thanks for visiting my so-called-blog which is barely updated coz, I’m a lazy mum .. :p

      Oh, I’ll definitely will drop by again, coz I found that I can really relate to a lot of the posts you shared just that I feel awkward leaving similar comments all over your posts ..

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Will link you in my blogroll.

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