Posted by: pt1225 | June 15, 2011

Iggy Bottle Weaning Adventure

Bottle weaning had been on my mind for as long as I can remember.  There are a lot of questions about bottle weaning pop into my mind from time to time, such as:

  • When is the right age to wean from bottle?
  • What are the methods use?
  • How would I know if Iggy is ready or not?
  • etc, etc, etc.

Oh, I don’t have a particular age/time frame that I would like Iggy to wean from bottle.  That is where the headache comes from.  I have no idea when or how I want to start the process.  I just had idea that I don’t want Iggy still drinking from bottle when he is 5 year old.  The sooner he weans from bottle the better.  I also don’t want to force Iggy discards his bottle before he is ready.

Another reason is Iggy wants to comfort sucking when he wants to fall asleep.  He used to be quite already when I gave him water to suck on, unfortunately not anymore.  He wants milk instead.  As Iggy falls asleep with a bottle of milk in his mouth more and more often, the urge to wean him from bottle is getting stronger.  I want to prevent him to develop a bottle mouth syndrome before it is too late

Every cloud has a silver lining.  It is so true. Last month is a hectic month for my family, with traveling back to back to the south and to the north to attend friend’s wedding and grandmother’s birthday celebration.  Long hours of traveling on the roads exhausted all.  With lack of sleep and rest couple with hot and humid weather, all of us felt unwell, especially Iggy.

Iggy had developed a low-grade fever on and off for two days.  At the same times, mouth ulcers began to appear insides in his mouth, especially on his tongue.  As a results, he had a hard time eating.  At first, he was still able take his milk from his milk bottle, however as the ulcers developed, it became harder and harder for him to take his milk without screaming.  It is really heartbreaking to him refused his food because of the pain.  If you know Iggy, you would know that refusing food is very unusual for him.  In the end, we found out that taking milk from cup will lessen his pain.  So for a few days while he was recovering, he is taking milk from cup.

Before I realized it, Iggy do not want to use milk bottle to take milk anymore, even after he recovered.  I even asked him whether he wants to drink his milk from the bottle or from the cup, and he clearly expressed that he wants it in a cup.  He even threw tantrum if I give him milk in milk bottle.  So from that day onwards Iggy has being drinking milk from a cup.  I am very thankful with how the thing turns out.



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