Posted by: pt1225 | December 21, 2010

Iggy Achieved New Milestone!!

He uses potty!!

psss .. he just sit on a potty without bear out his bottom .. 😀

Well, this kinda old news already as this post is late for almost a month!! Busy lately and my seldom update blog becomes like a death blog .. huhuhu..

Anyway, back to the topic.  I guess I had the give my babysitter the credit for this milestone.  We have a new babysitter for the past 2 months as my original babysitter desired to have a break.  The new sitter is an older lady with many years of baby-sitting experiences, and of course with the traditional views of how to take care of baby.  So naturally she is shocked when she found out Iggy is haven’t potty-trained yet at 16-month.

Now, after almost two months at the new babysitter, Iggy begins to use potty more and more often.  Actually, I am leaning towards let him decides when he wants to start using potty.  However, since the babysitter will teach him to use potty whenever he is at her place, I better teach Iggy to use potty whenever he is at home too.  I do not want to confuse him anymore than necessary.

So what is the progress now?  Currently, Iggy is not fully potty trained yet.  Sometimes, he will go in the potty, sometimes in his diaper.  He cannot tell whether he wants to poo or pee… or maybe it is just Mommy and Daddy don’t understand him .. 😀  Whenever, he had an urge to use the potty he will get cranky or when he is in good mood, he will point to his diaper and say “um umh”.   Then we will take him to potty.  Sometimes he peed, sometimes he does not and sometimes he poo.

In conclusion, he got a lot of room for improvement cause currently, it still depends on how diligent Mommy is .. :p



  1. Wah I am so jealous!!! Ben is still not using potty much. I guess one of the good things when children is under the care of nanny which I seem to hear alot of, is they are potty trained well by the nanny (maybe cos nanny also wants to take care easier and they have much more experienced in potty training children)

    Good luck with your dearie and to mine too! 😛

    • Yup yup, definitely good luck to your dearie and mine 😀

      Iggy is still not fully potty trained yet, but improving. He will show signs and sometimes tells us that nature call, but he wouldn’t purposely wait for the potty. So we have to be quick to bring him to potty. Usually if we’re in time, he will use the potty. However, it’s harder to catch his pee in the potty ..

      He is back with his usual nanny. Where as there are 2 months that he is with a temporary nanny, a nanny with a traditional views of taking care of children. His usual nanny has more open and “modern” view.

  2. yea the baby sitter play a really important role, my bbsitter trained my son from when he can sit up, it’s really due to her that he is fully potty trained before 2. Else I sure dunno how to go about it. If not most kids will be dependable on the diaper to poo.

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