Posted by: pt1225 | July 29, 2010

BPA just in plastics? Think again!

I saw a rather disturbing news about BPA. Following are some of the excerpt of the article

So you’ve bought a BPA-free water bottle and ditched BPA-filled canned food. But BPA, a toxic chemical found in many of the products we use every day, may still be a big part of your life. That’s because massive amounts of BPA are found on many store receipts. And according to a recent study, BPA easily makes the transfer from receipt to skin, where it penetrates at such a deep level that it can’t be washed off…

For further reading please refer to: Toxin BPA Found on Receipts From Safeway, Whole Foods, Walmart



  1. Hi Pauline!

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my latest post! For my case, I won’t bother looking for the option to stop the player cos I normally can only online when Ben naps or when he goes to sleep at night. So my immediate action is to click the X button and exit! Thanks for your feedback btw!

    As for this post, I read before that even bottled/jarred baby food contains BPA – it came from the lid/cover. Which is why I homemade and cook all of Ben’s food!

  2. I also cooked Iggy’s food myself and also know that even jarred baby food can be contaminated by BPA. But this article said you can even contaminated by BPA by holding a store’s receipt. Coz some paper (receipt) contains BPA too … >.<||

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