Posted by: pt1225 | May 19, 2010

What is Iggy Eating Lately?

Friends have being curious with what I feed Iggy with…

This is the latest!

PASTA!  Spirals vegeroni to be exact.

“Huh?  Pasta?”
“Pasta?  Why not rice porridge?”
“Should give him rice porridge lah”


That’s the usual responses I get.  Ok, ok pasta might not be a typical food for a Chinese baby, but why not?!  Pasta is healthier compare to noodle in the market.  Besides, I looove pasta and most of all Iggy seems to love it too, hahaha.

The recipe:

1 or 2 handful of spirals vegeroni (cooked until soft)
some cauliflower, potatoes, pumpkin (cooked until mushy)
1 teaspoon of olive oil
bits of kraft cheese

Mixed everything together and you are done! Super easy!



  1. Hi Pauline!

    Just want to say thank you for dropping by my blog on my SITS day. You can read the aftermath of my whole day SITting episode at this link:

    Thank you again and hope to see you back here sometime! 😀

    Warmest Regards,
    Jenny aka I’m a full-time mummy

    Btw, yalah! Why must feed rice porridge! I hate it when ppl asked me that question! I tried macaroni but Ben doesn’t like it. Instead I changed to spaghetti and he prefers it! 😀

    • Hi Jenny,

      I visited your aftermath this morning. Basically, I’ll do some blog hopping before I begin my work. hoho

      So, now I’m thanking you back for dropping by.

      Btw, looking at the comments you got on your SITS day, you’ll have a very busy day. haha

  2. ya it’s great to give pasta if ur baby can take it, somehow my boy dislike it, maybe it’s coz the dad hates it too.

    • His interests in pasta had decreased. Largely due to the fact, he prefer tastier food now, current recipe is a bit bland for him. Mummy yet to have time to create a tastier pasta recipes for him…

  3. Hi Pauline,

    I love creating new food for baby instead of giving the same food over again.

    So can you share your recipes?Because my baby such a fussy eaters..


    • Hi Claire,

      I’m not a creative mum that comes up with new recipes on purpose .. 😛
      At 15-months, Iggy is an adventurous eater, who likes to try everything he saw his Daddy and Mummy eating. He might not be a big eater but he definitely likes variety of food. I think you’ll be amazed (or scolding Mummy for feeding him with such) at what he tried. ie. sambal petai, pork fatty skin, mooncake, .. to name a few…. Luckily, he also will not tired of the same food everyday, as long as it’s not too plain and it’s something he likes.

      So whenever I cook for him, I just throw in anything that I find fit for a toddler. You’ll find oddest combination of ingredients in Iggy’s meal .. 😛 Have you ever heard someone cooked rolled oatmeal with seaweed?? Personally, I don’t dare to taste it, coz it’s ‘fishy’. But Iggy seems don’t mind the fishiness and likes it. I’m lucky he’s not a picky eater … 😀

  4. Hi Pauline,

    I’ve have tried seaweed and oatmeal when she is just 6 months old…She likes it but eventually she get tired of it and wanted something new…

    Now i gave her rice plus oatmeal tomato…
    Steamed fish with bovril..OMG she loves it..

    • wah ..steamed fish with Bovril. Sound good to me too!
      No wonder Baby Belle loves it .. 😀

      Now, sometimes Iggy will has oatmeal and sometimes he will has rice porridge, depending on how diligent mummy is … 😛

      Sometimes, I cooked his rice porridge with ayam kampung stock.. wah! he really loves it … haha

      But all in all, I think he still loves oatmeal the most.. at least he hasn’t rejected oatmeal yet! Touched wood 😛

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