Posted by: pt1225 | May 18, 2010

The Day Iggy Was Born


With previous case of ectopic pregnancy experience and with my petite build, I was always been told that I might not being able to deliver naturally.  However, I kept praying and hoping that I would be able delivered naturally.  And I also prayed that when the time comes, the doctors will know what is best for me and for my baby, be it naturally or Cesarean.

The Countdown

June 08, 2009 Having on of my regular checkup at the clinic. Everything is good.  (Baby: 33 weeks + 5 days)
June 09, 2009 Just finishing my lunch with my colleague when suddenly I felt water trickle down my legs. I’m thinking, “… I think my water broke …”. Returning to office, told HR I’m taking EL, packed, drove about 40 mins back to my home. While driving, made a few phone calls and informed hubby to get back immediately and drove me to hospital. Reached home, packed hospital bag. Hubby reached home while I’m packing. Drove to GH around 2 pm plus.  After waiting and checkup, I finally get admitted at around 4 pm plus.  Diagnosis was my water did not actually broke but it was leaking and continued to leak. After strapping me to a machine to monitor baby’s heartbeat and found out that baby is ok. They decided to try to delay the delivery. In the mean time, I was given injections of corticosteroid, which accelerates the maturity of my baby’s lungs. Thus, I stayed at the hospital until “further” notice.  (Baby: 33 weeks + 6 days)
June 10, 2009 The day passed uneventfully. Check for baby’s heart beat, my temperature and blood pressure, routinely 6 times a day, round the clock even in 4 am in the morning. Ultrasound in the morning. Looking good, amniotic level still ok, despite the leaking. By the way, I was still leaking on and off.  Been warning to monitor carefully for my raise of temperature and the changes in the color and odor of amniotic fluid, which are indications for infection. (Baby: 34 weeks)
June 11, 2009 Another uneventfully day. More routine checkup. Still leaking on and off. My backbone started to complain for laying too long on the uncomfortable hospital bed. (Baby: 34 weeks + 1 day)
June 14, 2009 Routine checkup. Ultrasound. Amniotic fluid level dropped. Still leaking on and off. Doctor considered induced labor. Extremely bored. (Baby: 34 weeks + 4 days)
June 15, 2009 Routine checkup. Will be induced tomorrow. Back pain was killing me, getting worse. Really hope to get it over with as soon as possible. 9 pm plus, I am having a fever. Not good, sign of infection. Can’t wait until tomorrow to be induced, had to perform Cesarean immediately!! (Baby: 34 weeks + 5 days)

The Moment

They prepared to wheel me to the delivery room. The doctor in charged discussed my situation with her head through the phone. For some reason, she quite reluctant to perform Cesarean on me. Cesarean will be the last resort

She checked me. Then she exclaimed excitedly to the nurses. “She is 5 cm dilated! Yes! No need Cesarean!”. Should I didn’t have the intense lower back pain, I would have joked with her, “How come you are more excited than me??”. By that time, I’m feverish and the back pain intensify. Then it just hits me, what I thought of as back pain from uncomfortable bed was actually sign of labor, back labor. The nurse confirmed my thought by telling me that I having contractions.

They wheeled me to the delivery room. It was 10:02 pm. On the way, I called my hubby.  I hooked up on the IV and got a jab on the butt.  I don’t know what it is.  Should be some kind of painkiller and also a gas mask should I need it.  I asked hubby to rub my lower back and it really help to lessen the discomfort with each intensify contractions.  To cut it short, Ig entered the world at 1:58 am :).  He was whisked to NICU before I even got a chance to take a look at him 😦


I was discharged the following day, without Ig.  He had to stay at NICU for about a week and 2 more weeks at GH Pediatric Institute.  By the time he came home, he was 3 weeks old.

Ignatius @ 1 day old ; Weight @ 1.92 kg ; Length @44 cm


Ignatius @ 10 mths+ ; Weight @ 7 kg+ ; Height @ 68 cm

Looking at Iggy, looking back, I still got a lot of things to be thankful for.  Those are the tiny little pieces of life that may looks like nothing at all but added those tiny pieces up, it’s really mounted up.  Most of all I am thankful that God sent us Ignatius as He promised!



  1. Hi Pauline,

    I was a bit worry about my baby’s weight…I was totally worry! but she is healthy and love to eat..
    she eat like 3 times daily and she is breastfed..

    The nurse say she is lack in nutrient… she is 9 month plus and she is 7 kg…

    • Kinda like Iggy. He is healthy, love to eat .. basically I am yet to find something he hates to eat…

      He is exclusively on EBM for the first 8 months. 8-months onwards until now he drinks EBM and supplemented with formula.

      Even at 15-months he is just around 9kg. However, the nurse doesn’t say he is lack of nutrient. In fact she said everything is fine …

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