Posted by: pt1225 | April 16, 2010

Breast Pump: Things To Consider

It is really a tough job to get a right pump to suit your needs. Well, at least, that’s exactly what I felt like when I went for breast pump shopping. Consider the amount of brands available and differences in each brand and each model, I am quite proud of myself of the pumps that I got for myself. 😀

Do you really need a breast pump?
It depends, but in general, it’s good to has one standby in case you needed it.

What kind of breast pumps/ brands there are available?
Basically, all breast pumps can be categorized as manual or electric. As for brands, there are countless and almost all baby products brand have their own breast pumps. And of course there are “branded” breast pumps.

So which breast pump should I get?
Good question! This is where confusing and indecision starts! I would provides some guidelines for you to consider, to help you choose the right pump for you. Please bear in mind that, the guidelines/suggestions are strictly based on my personal experiences.

So there goes …
Are you a working mum?
If you are a working mum and plan to continue breastfeeding or giving your baby expressed breast milk (EBM) after going back to work, I suggested you to get an portable electric breast pumps with AC and battery powered option. Electric pump as it’s more efficient, in term of time, compared to manual pump. Battery powered as you might not have the luxury of having a breastfeeding room in your office. You might ended up pumping in the restroom/toilet.

Furthermore, it’s not easy to pump before the milk comes in, which usually takes 3 – 5 days after delivery. So if you’re financially capable, you can also invest an electric beast pump even if you are full time housewife. Having said so, that do not mean that it’s not advisable to get a manual breast pump for a working mum. In fact, my latest breast pump is a manual pump and I am full time working mum .. 😀

Are you price or brand conscious?
A general rule of thumb, manual pump is cheaper than electric pump. Non-branded pump is cheaper than branded pump. As mentioned before, there are countless brand for breast pump. What I called a “branded” one are namely Philips Avent, Medela, and Ameda, in no particular order

If you want a more affordable breast pump you could consider Spectra, Safety Plus, Snow Bear, Pigeon to name a few or even some local brands like Pureen and Anakku.

Other features
Some electric breast pumps come with twin/double/dual pump feature. As the name implied, they are able to pump both breast at the same time. Theoretically, they are able to reduce pumping time by 50%. This might be a deciding factor for working mom. Also some claimed that they are also able to increase the milk production.

Personally, I feel at the pumps have their own pros and cons. At the end of the day, it is really up to the users to choose which one they are more comfortable with. I will review the breast pumps that I own/use in the up coming posts.


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